education is everything

1 in 5 children worldwide are not in school. 

Children with disabilities, children in crisis, and girls, face the most hurdles to gaining an education and suffer the sharpest consequences when they miss out. Education for all can help safeguard against violence, abuse, and exploitation, and even reduce vulnerability to natural disasters. Child or adult, a person with an education has an opportunity to a  future that would not be possible without an education. A woman with an education has higher earning potential and healthier children, and the more education that a person gains, the more opportunities become available.

Did you Know?

ADRA Fiji works closely with the Ministry of Education to ensure support is provided where it is needed. In the wake of tropical cyclones, ADRA Fiji also reaches out to assist schools in areas affected  across Fiji. 

Children from these vulnerable communities are assisted with school stationery items from pre-schools to secondary school level. Also offered is psychological support after cyclones to help them recover. Boarding schools also receive food security support.

ADRA Fiji also offers support to the Ministry of Education at national level particularly supporting education in emergency.