Waste Management key to Combat LTDD Outbreak in Bua

Waste Management training conducted in Nawava village in the district of Dawa in Bua.

In response to a concerning outbreak of Leptospirosis, Typhoid, Dengue, and Diarrhea (LTDD) in Bua, the Adventist Development and Relief Agency in Fiji (ADRA Fiji) has partnered with the Ministry of Health and the Bua Provincial Office to implement crucial waste management trainings in the province.

This initiative aims to mitigate the health crisis by addressing the environmental factors contributing to the spread of these diseases supported by ADRA Fiji’s Learning Environmental Adaptation Project (LEAP) – a project funded by USAID through the Pacific American Fund.

Project Manager Akanisi Ranadinivugalei said the training, which is set to expand to other priority areas, represents a vital effort to improve public health and sanitation in the province. The training also included stray animal management, as these animals can be a medium for Leptospirosis transmission.

She said there is an urgency and coordinated response required to combat the LTDD outbreak effectively.

“We are pleased to collaborate with the Ministry of Health and the iTaukei Affairs Office in Bua, especially in supporting the Ministry’s efforts to curb the outbreak. This has been a significant concern for them, and alongside the Bua Provincial Council, we are working together to conduct waste management training. Our goal is to tackle these pressing health issues and address environmental concerns as well,” Ms Ranadinivugalei said.

Last week, training was conducted in 2 communities – Nawaca and Wairiki, in the district of Dama.

The training, led by a Health Inspector and the Bua Provincial Conservation Officer, focused on improving household and communal waste management practices.

Participants were educated on effective waste sorting, hygiene practices, and various disposal methods including burying, burning, composting, and recycling.

“Our training program also includes the development of a comprehensive waste management plan, complete with a timeline and measurable indicators to ensure its effectiveness and sustainability. This plan aims to foster a cleaner and healthier environment, reducing the risk of disease transmission,” Ms Ranadinivugalei said.

She said the prioritization of these villages for training was determined with the assistance of the Ministry of Health and the Bua Provincial Office, highlighting a coordinated effort to mitigate the LTDD threat.

“We urge the public to improve animal husbandry practices to help combat Leptospirosis.”

ADRA Fiji is committed to working alongside local communities and authorities to enhance waste management practices, contributing to the overall health and well-being of the residents of Bua.

Participants of the Waste Management training in Wairiki, Dama in Bua.