Clean Running Water for Naleba

Justice, Compassion & Love are the values that drive ADRA in their humanitarian and development work in more than 120 countries worldwide.

For the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) Fiji, it is these values that motivate us to continue to make an impact in the lives of people living in vulnerable communities.Yesterday, we got to witness how our assistance has improved the livelihood of 27 households living in a small settlement of Naleba in the outskirts of Labasa.

For almost a year, water supply in this drought prone area in Macuata was affected after the concrete tank used as reservoir for the last 30 years or so, sustained damages and could no longer store water for the community. Their water is sourced from a bore hole and a solar pump is used to pump water to the reservoir.

After months of knocking on several doors for help but with no positive feedback, the community Water Project leader Satish Kumar approached ADRA Fiji for help. However, ADRA’s funding assistance is limited to areas pre identified in the project proposals thus funding for activities outside of the project has to be at its own cost.

What a blessing in disguise that towards the end of last year, a team from FIJI Water Foundation brought a cheque as donation to the staff of ADRA Fiji. We were told that each year, Fiji Water employees put aside their personal contributions to be given to a charity organization of their choice. ADRA was identified for this contribution last year and how the money was used was entirely up to the organisation.While it could have been used for the end of the year party for ADRA Fiji and other activities to benefit the staff, ADRA’s motto of Justice, Compassion and Love drove the management to direct this funding to better assist a community in need.

The idea was well supported by the staff who understood the plight of the people on the ground.A water tank was purchased early this year and delivered to Naleba to be used as reservoir to store water that is pumped from the bore hole.

Today, the community of over 150 population are enjoying having access to clean and safe drinking water, thanks to the sacrifices and commitment of the ADRA Fiji staff. However, this was only made possible through the financial donation from the staff of Fiji Water which was utlised to help this vulnerable community.Thank you Mr. Geoffrey Smith and the staff of Fiji Water for contributing to improving the livelihood of the people in Naleba.ADRA Fiji will continue to work towards ADRA’s collective PURPOSE and that is “To Serve Humanity So All May Live As God Intended.”